Holidays with children

The cottage has a large garden with a playground - playhouse, slide, swing, sandpit, climbing wall. The garden is landscaped and fully fenced so it is safe for small children as well - and you can easily check them from a covered seating area. In summer there is a small pool. In the evening you and your children can barbeque sausages at the fireplace. The neighborhood is safe, playing elements are certified.

The lounge has a children's corner with crayons, blocks and toys. You can play board games, darts, pétanque or table hockey. On LCD TVs, movies can be directly projected from external USB drives - so you can take your kids favorite fairy tales. There is no need to bring a travel cot as in the yellow room there is a cot and in the red room a cradle free of charge.

Also, further equipment is tailored for families with children: a highchair at the dining table, a separate children's table and three chairs in the dining room, a playroom with toys and crayons, a potty, small bath, baby monitors, a toilet seat, incorporated steps in the bathroom, protective child locks into sockets, sleeping behind the stove. The entire interior is non-smoking as we strive to provide the highest purity.


Trips with kids in the Highlands:

Veselý kopec near Hlinsko - Museum of Folk Architecture

Draxmoor - Haunted Mansion in Dolní Rožínka

Šiklův mlýn - Western Town

Toulcovy maštale - Rock City

Salon Expres Polnička


Castles, palaces and sights in the Highlands:



Zámek Žďár - museum of book

Zelená Hora - kaple sv. Jana Nepomuckého - UNESCO World Heritage

Zámek Litomyšl

Nové Hrady

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