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Žďár Hills PLA (CHKO Žďárské vrchy) - the green heart of our country

The Žďár Hills and the eponymous Protected Landscape Area can be considered without exaggeration one of the last untouched oases of calm and pure nature in the heart of Czechia.

The highest peak of the Žďár Hills is Nine Rocks (Devět skal) (6 km), a natural monument whose name is derived from a rock labyrinth consisting of three long ridges with nine towers and three small towers. Among other natural attractions of the Žďár Hills, the Student's Hill (Žákova hora)(2 km)belong. According to a legend, colleagues of the Žďár monastery strayed here and never returned. Other known reservations involve the Tisůvka rock formation (2km) and Four Mallets (Čtyři palice)(14 km) - a gneissic rock reminiscent of four mallets formed by frost weathering of rocks.

The landscape around offers not only the nature but also many historical buildings and cultural activities. As the biggest attraction of the area, the pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk is registered on UNESCO'S World Heritage List. In the area of the Žďár Hills, however, other historical and cultural monuments are located; the most famous of them include the open-air museum Bethlehem Hlinsko (skanzen Betlém), ruins of Zubštejn or Dalečín castles.

A catalog where you can find tips for trips, hiking and cycling maps and a detailed description of interesting places nearby is available in the cottage.

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